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About Us ... An Introduction to A-OK

It is said that we never know what the future holds and I can certainly relate! I began 2002, living everyday life in Livingston, Scotland and wrapped up the year by moving to Kelowna, BC, Canada to be with my future wife.

Forth Rail Bridge in Scotland

While our Canadian immigration application was being processed, my wife and I frequently visited several online forums, benefiting from the knowledge shared and also contributing feedback to people asking about the Okanagan. Once my Permanent Residence was granted, I proceeded to set up my web design business and website, however, I also wanted a way to contribute to my new community. It was with this in mind that we decided to "pay it forward" and establish a forum where potential newcomers could connect with local residents to gain insight about living in the valley. AccessOkanagan.com was created in early 2006 and has continued to welcome newcomers.

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Since the A-OK forum began, it has assisted in connecting individuals and families who are researching the possibility of relocating to, or simply visiting, the Okanagan. Over the years, many friendships have been made and first time greetings realized through member gatherings. We welcome you to join the community on A-OK!

My personal moto in business is, "Old fashioned values, using modern techniques" and I strive to work alongside my clients to achieve the vision they wish to represent. If you would like further information regarding my web design services, please click on the Access Okanagan Web Services tab on the home page or via the email/envelope icon on the bottom left corner.

What Our Members Have Said

John and Joanne .... Joanne and I have found that the forum has answered countless questions from previous topics and from those who have recently posted. It seems that for every answer we gained, we seem to find ten more we need to ask. But the best things of all is that we have found the members on the forum to be very sociable, friendly and more than willing to help any way they can.

Tom Gaymer .... I joined several forums after I had moved to Kelowna to try and meet some people in the area and hardly anyone was willing to talk! It left me quite disillusioned as I was feeling quite homesick anyway. Then someone sent me a message and directed me to Access Okanagan and I was gobsmacked! People were so friendly and accommodating and myself, my wife, and her family have all been able to meet people, get great advice, and make some great friends too! If you have been put off of forums by people being rude or simply unwilling to communicate then this is the place to go. Really nice and friendly people who want to help and meet others! One of my best decisions since moving to Kelowna was joining Access Okanagan..

member testimonials for A-OK

Marie & Family .... This site has been a great help to our family and our move to the Okanagan. With the help from the members on this site both me and my husband have found jobs, and we also found somewhere to stay for the first 2 months. Everyone on the site is very friendly and very helpful any questions asked and you get lots of answers. We all felt it has made our move over here a lot easier. We had never been to the Okanagan but with the help from everyone on the site we felt we knew we were making the right move! When ever you are feeling a little low about all the emigrating process you get lots of support from everyone on the site! We have made lots of great new friends! Thank you very much keep up the good work!

LynnUK and family .... I found Access Okanagan about a year before we landed in Canada. There are many questions that one has when making such a momentous move and so having contact with people that had been through and were going through the exact same things that we were was fantastic! There has not been one question that has not been answered by at least one person (most questions get several responses!). A-OK has been and still is a great source for information. It is a great place to meet new friends and if like me you are lucky enough to find A-OK before you make the move you somehow don't feel quite so alone when you get here! Thanks A-OK for being there!

Andrea & Steve .... The AccessOkanagan forum was an invaluable resource to us for our move to Canada from the United Kingdom, providing insider information on everything from reputable moving companies, to the best schools, to job links ...everything we could have wanted to know. The forum users were really helpful and generous with their advice, and the get-togethers provided instant connection with other community members. We really value the help and advice we have received from the forum, and it made our move that much easier.