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Team & Driver Selection Groups

Team Selections (choose 1 team from each row of A > D below)

  • Selection A
  • Selection B
  • Selection C
  • Selection D
  • team-colour-bandMercedes
  • team-colour-bandWilliams
  • team-colour-bandMcLaren
  • team-colour-bandSauber
  • team-colour-bandRed Bull
  • team-colour-bandForce India
  • team-colour-bandToro Rosso
  • team-colour-bandHaas
  • team-colour-bandFerrari
  • team-colour-bandRenault

Driver Selections (choose 1 driver from each row of E > K below)

  • Selection E
  • Selection F
  • Selection G
  • Selection H
  • Selection I
  • Selection J
  • Selection K
  • blank-placeholderLewis Hamilton
  • blank-placeholderKimi Raikkonen
  • blank-placeholderLance Stroll
  • blank-placeholderSergey Sirotkin
  • blank-placeholderFernando Alonso
  • blank-placeholderKevin Magnussen
  • blank-placeholderMarcus Ericsson
  • blank-placeholderMax Verstappen
  • blank-placeholderValtteri Bottas
  • blank-placeholderEsteban Ocon
  • blank-placeholderPierre Gasly
  • blank-placeholderCarlos Sainz Jr
  • blank-placeholderNico Hulkenberg
  • blank-placeholderCharles Leclerc
  • blank-placeholderSebastian Vettel
  • blank-placeholderDaniel Ricciardo
  • blank-placeholderSergio Perez
  • blank-placeholderBrendon Hartley
  • blank-placeholderRomain Grosjean
  • blank-placeholderStoffel Vandoorne

Q: When am I able to choose my Dream Team selections?

I will be looking to "OPEN" the selection process on 26th February, 2018. Whether you have a firm idea of your choices at this point, or would prefer to wait until after pre-season testing, it's entirely up to you. You will be able to make your finalised Dream Team choices between 26th February > 16th March, 2018 (17th > 20th March for 'Reserved' Players).

Q: Okay, so I've made my selections from each row of teams and drivers .... what do I do now?

Once you are happy with your team and driver selections (should be a total of 11 choices), you can either send along an email from the link on the bottom left of your screen or if you are happy to share your choices with other players prior to the deadline, you can post them on the RFM Forum HERE!

NEW in 2018! .... during the Formula 1 Summer Break, all players have the option to change 1 Team & 1 Driver. Players can make these changes between the Hungarian and Belgian GP race weekends.

Q: Where do I find the Entry Form?

You should see a "grey" PDF icon on the bottom left of your screen (just above the email icon). Please click on this link and the Entry Form should open up in your Web Browser. If you hover over the "bottom/middle" of the form, you should see the PDF Dark Grey Toolbar. Click on the "Disk Icon" and Save to your local System/Device. You can then fill in the PDF and send along to me via the email link, also on the bottom right of your screen.

Q: I've submitted my selections, how do the points work?

The race points are gathered from two systems. The first set of points are taken from the traditional F1 results (Example: 1st = 25 points, 2nd = 18 points etc.) and the second set of points are gathered from finishing positions (Example: As 20 cars compete in any given race and one of your drivers wins the race, you gain 20 points. Likewise, out of the 20 competitors, one of your drivers finish last, you gain 1 point). So, it is set on each driver's finishing position for every car taking part in the race. Both of these points systems are then combined for all teams/drivers involved in any given race - and total points are calculated.

NEW in 2018! .... there will also be points awarded for the Fastest Lap (10 points) and Fastest Pit Stop (5 points) after each race this season - due to becoming the most voted for points addition on the Player's Poll.

Q: Okay, so once this is all in place, where do I see my points & championship progress?

Once a live race is complete, please allow 48hrs before checking the "Player Sheets" link on the website. From there, you will see two icons under your personal player box. Each icon will open up in a centered 'pop-up' window, one being a flat image of your player chart and one a PDF form. For small screen devices, the PDF may be the preferred option. Also, as the F1 season progresses, check out the 'Leaderboard' link, to see how you are sitting on the Dream Team Championship Table.

Q: Where do I find out about the next race?

If you look at the top Navigation Bar, you will notice one button labelled "Race Calendar". On visiting this link, you will see the entire season, showing Venues and Dates. You can click on each "Country" to learn more or click on the "Date" to see which dream team player acquired the most points from any given race weekend.