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2018 Season Completed

26 November f1-icon Farewell 2018

Well, that's another Formula 1 season done and dusted, as we say farewell to 2018, not to mention Fernando Alonso, Esteban Ocon and other drivers exiting the 2019 grid!

Congrats to our F1 Dream Team 2018 winner, Senna74, who pretty much held the top spot from race 2 onwards.

I hope you have all enjoyed the F1 Dream Team, regardless of where you finished on the Leaderboard?

Best Regards,

12 July f1-icon Summer Break Re-Selections

Hard to believe we are almost half way through the 2018 season, but more importantly, it's time to review which team and which driver is costing you valuable dream team points!

I have set the timeline for the Re-Selections process during the summer break, starting on Monday, 30th July and closing on Wednesday, 22nd August. During this time, you are given the option to replace 1 Team and 1 Driver from your original selection process. As with your selections at the start of the season, you follow the team selections on rows A to D and driver selections on rows E to K. For example, if you were to drop Mercedes as a team on Row A, you can replace with Red Bull or Ferrari on that particular row of selelections.

Enjoy the German and Hungarian GPs, then I look forward to receiving your 1 team and 1 driver changes via email or openly on the "F1 Dream Team 2018 - Re-Selections" topic when it's available closer to the summer break.

9 April f1-icon Onto China We Go!

I hope everyone enjoyed an action packed Bahrain GP? ... certainly 'more involved' than the season opener in Melbourne!!

As all the updates are now in place, you will notice the "Stats Centre" is available this time around. This will provide detailed Race Points and Leaderboard Stats from each race of the season. I hope it helps dream team players understand how their points are achieved and gives a clearer stats picture on how they move up and down the Leaderboard from race to race. There has been a fair amount of data crunching this time around, so as always, please let me know if you discover any errors (typos, data faults etc).

That's about it for this past weekend's action - speak later!

30 March f1-icon The Results Are In!

I'd like to give a "quick shout out" to our new players in 2018 and welcome them along to the F1 Dream Team. Amazingly, all newcomers hit the Top 10 after the 1st Leaderboard points update. Of course, as you know, this order could change rapidly in the next 4-5 GP's, but I did notice that we have a couple of players with the exact same choices this year - I mainly put this down to a limited selection of both Red Bull and Williams teams. We will see how it all shakes out, once there are several races behind us!

New 'Race Stats' will become available once we are 2-3 races into the new season, but as always, I will keep everyone in the picture. This will include a new feature showing a complete rundown of points from each race, along with the "Leaderboard Journey" which a few players enjoyed from the 2017 F1 Dream Team. I may build a new page link into the website to accommodate this update, or simply link it from the Leaderboard page in a similar manner to last year!

I haven't received any emails/messages regarding any issues with Player Profiles/Data Sheets, so I assume that everyone is happy with their personal set up and no errors were discovered?

Next update after Bahrain GP - Have a Good One!

16 March f1-icon Everyone in their Seats

I would like to thank everyone who came forward and submitted their Entry Form for the F1 Dream Team 2018. You should now see your profile on the "Player Sheets" page and all Team/Driver selections data in place. Please now take a close inspection of all the material pertaining to your entry in the dream team and let me know as soon as possible, should anything be out of place (even a typo/spelling error).

So, we have only a matter of days until the Green Light in Melbourne - Let's hope it's an action packed opener in Australia!!!!

Well, nothing else to report, so ENJOY next weekend when you get there.

1 March f1-icon Player Rankings

Just a quick update folks. I have added "Ranking Points" graphic bars to player's panels on the 'Player Sheets' page. These rankings reflect your finishing position on the Leaderboard at the end of the 2017 season. Naturally, new players will not yet have achieved a ranking position, as newcomers to the F1 Dream Team 2018.

Enjoy the weekend when you get there!

26 February f1-icon Paint Jobs and Player Sheets

We are now underway and accepting player's dream team selections via forum posting on RFM or via the email link on the bottom left of the "Group Picks" web page. I have just finalised the design of the Player Sheets and most of my spare time has been focused on the new 2018 car paint jobs ... so just completed Red Bull, Toro Rosso and Force India's slightly new looks for the season ahead.

I'm sure everyone will now be keenly viewing the pre-season testing, to see where all the teams "are at" before the green light in Melbourne. I look forward to everyone's Entry Forms as we move ever closer to the green light on 25th March!!!

As most of the website structure/elements and design are now in place, I don't think there will be a lot to share with you in the next week or two. However, I will certainly keep everyone in the picture, should there be any updates, tweeks or key info to share with all dream team players.

Enjoy the early F1 coverage!!

24 February f1-icon Player Selection Details

I would like to thank everyone who confirmed their interest on entering the F1 Dream Team 2018, I really appreciate it. I will be looking to "OPEN" the selection process on Monday, 26th February 2018. Whether you have a firm idea of your choices at this point, or would prefer to wait until after pre-season testing, it's entirely up to you. You will be able to make your finalised Dream Team choices between 26th February > 16th March, 2018 (17th > 20th March for 'Reserved' Players).

Catch up Soon!

20 February f1-icon Welcome to the F1 Dream Team 2018!

In a similar fashion to last season, please review the details below, which will help you navigate around the website. I am currently re-designing the website with all the latest F1 Team/Driver line ups and slightly updating the look of some of the page graphics/backdrops etc. Please visit this link regularly, to ensure staying on top of the latest news regarding the F1 Dream Team.

  • "TEAMS" and "DRIVERS" buttons will simply display a list of the Drivers and Teams involved in 2018 Formula One season.
  • "RACE CALENDAR" link will display the race locations and dates for the 2018 season.
  • "GROUP PICKS" will provide info on the Dream Team Group Picks (Teams & Drivers divided into various groups, where players can select their choices).
  • "PLAYERS SHEETS" will display each players points totals (displaying points from every race and every team/driver pick the player has chosen.
  • "LEADERBOARD" will show the 'overall' players points - you could call it the "Driver's Championship Table".
  • "ANNOUNCEMENTS" is available to periodically show important updates and general news, regarding the Dream Team developments.

More updates coming soon!