Updates from Abu Dhabi GP:
• Announcements Updated Page
• Race Calendar Updated Page
• Player Sheets Updated Page
• Stats Centre Updated Page
• Leaderboard Updated Page
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Abu Dhabi GP

2 December f1-icon The Season Sundown in Abu Dhabi ...

Final Championship Podium

My Final Update of the Season!

Well, that's the final curtain dropped on the Formula One 2019 Season folks. I sincerely hope everyone enjoyed the action throughout the year, with many highs and lows, depending on which teams and drivers you follow. More importantly, which teams/drives "brought home the points" within the Dream Team itself, throughout the entire season.

We were served up some spectacular action and wheel to wheel racing during the 2019 campaign, but we also have to reflect with sadness at the lives lost in our sport in the last 12 months.

So, many congratulations to those Dream Team players who reached the top steps on our championship podium, a job well done by this Top 3. A huge thanks to everyone involved, as the old phrase goes, I couldn't have put it all together, without you!

All that's left to say, is have a fabulous festive break and I wish you all the very best for 2020 ... Cheers to you All!!

19 November f1-icon Not Bad for an Old Man ...

Kimi Raikkonen  - Alfa Romeo

Hello Everyone!

So, we came away from an action packed outing in Brazil. Without giving away any spoilers (for potential players who may not have actually watched the race as yet?), I think it's safe to say that "most" fans enjoyed the results. It's hard to believe that we are already heading into the last race of the season in Abu Dhabi ... where did the season go???

Based on the title of this update, we have to tip our hats to Kimi and Antonio, who both brought home a good haul of points for Alfa Romeo. As I said above, not bad for an old guy like Kimi!!

Well, I guess we will speak again after the final race of the season in just less than two weeks time. I hope everyone enjoys the finale in Abu Dhabi. Let's hope it serves up something a bit special!

Until next time!

15 September f1-icon Delay in Points Classification ...

Ferrari - Hulkenberg - Renault

Hi People!

It looks like there will be a delay in updating all pages of the website this time around, as we are awaiting the outcome of a dispute connected to Renault. This clearly affects points totals, so for now, I have updated the Home Page and Calendar alone. Once the FIA have confirmed the outcome of this complaint from Racing Point, I will complete the updates to the F1 Dream Team.

Message on Formula1.com ... Note - The classifications of Ricciardo and Hulkenberg are provisional subject to the outcome of a protest initiated by Racing Point.

So, please sit tight and hopefully I will be able to finalise the data in the next couple of days or so. Hopefully this dispute doesn't end up costing a player a good handful of valuable points from the Japanese GP!!

Enjoy the action in Mexico!

2 September f1-icon Back Behind the Wheel ...

Ferrari - Belgian Flag

Hello Everyone!

A sad way to return to an F1 weekend in Belgium, with the loss of French Driver, Anthoine Hubert - another young talent snatched away from the Motorsport world.

Clearly, a subdued outing at Spa, but I hope everyone could still enjoy the action out on track throughout the weekend.

I will be working on the website updates in the next few hours, so I hope your Team/Driver selections brought home a good haul of points this past weekend (especially those who gambled with their second "1 Team/1 Driver" selection changes of the season!).

Only a few days until we enjoy another offering in Ferrari's backyard at Monza! ... so enjoy it when you get there!!

18 August f1-icon Updates to Home/Announcements Page ...

Small Menu Set

Hi People!

I've been making a few adjustments and modifications to the Home Page/Announcements section of the F1 Dream Team website over the last couple of days. This mainly involves the backdrop photo, general graphic elements and other small details here and there. The most significant change involves a new "Small Menu Set" for players who may be accessing the website on small screen devices.

Although some people may like the look of my "Tyre Menu" .... it may be too visually heavy for smaller screen devices (especially in portrait orientation). So, I've now coded this particular page to display an alternate, smaller menu set, when a smaller screen size/viewport is detected. I hope this helps to make the website more compatible acrosss all systems/devices.

Otherwise, business at usual, so nothing new to report in the F1 world (other than to remind folks to consider their potential second 1 Team and 1 Driver changes of the season.

Until next time, bye for now!

15 August f1-icon Red Bull Racing/Toro Rosso Driver Switch ...

Pierre Gasly Driver Switch Alexander Albon

Just a quick reminder for everyone involved. On top of now stepping into the Summer Break (which primarily involves the 1 Team and 1 Driver switch option), it's been officially confirmed that Red Bull Racing and Toro Rosso have switched drivers.

From the Belgian GP to the end of the season, Pierre Gasly will drive for Toro Rosso alongside Daniil Kyvat and Alexander Albon will drive in the Red Bull, alongside Max Verstappen. So, this simlpy means that whichever driver you have on your Player Sheet, you will now pick up points from the "switched out" driver.

In the next few days, I will outline the changes on the Player Sheets (individual players which are affected by this driver swap). This should help to keep everyone informed of this switch, heading into the Belgian GP weekend.

Catch up Soon!

5 August f1-icon Summer Break ...

Summer Break

So, here we are folks ... it's hard to believe that we are already half way through the 2019 campaign. Regardless of which Team/Driver you support, it's been quite the rollercoaster since the Austrian GP weekend.

As we have come to expect by this point in the F1 season, many rumours are starting to circulate, regarding the futures of certain drivers. Therefore, it's now time to review your F1 Dream Team Selections once again.

In similar fashion to Monaco, the deadline for any potential 1 Team and/or 1 Driver change, will close at 06:00 (Belgium Local Time) on the day of Qualifying (Saturday, 31st August).

Note: Please look out for my Team/Driver Re-Selections post on the F1 Dream Team 2019 News/Updates topic on the forums.

Until next time, Enjoy your Summer Break!!!

23 May f1-icon FINAL NOTICE (1st Team/Driver Change) ...

Summer Break

Afternoon Everyone!

There are now less than 48hrs for anyone who is till looking at utilising their 1 Team and/or 1 Driver change, prior to the start of the Qualifying Session in Monaco. Any changes to Player Sheets will not be revealed until results are available after the race weekend.

Submission Deadline: 06:00 (Monaco Local Time)

Please note, should you miss (or not be available) to make any changes this time around, you will have a second change to modify your player sheet selections during the Summer Break (prior to the Qualifying Session during the Belgian GP weekend at the end of August!)

Enjoy the action this coming weekend!!

7 May f1-icon Time for 1 Team and 1 Driver Changes ...

I'm now accepting early Team & Driver changes in this first up & coming change timeline during the 2019 "5-7-9" system. So .... if you have a clear final decision on which 1 team and 1 driver you wish to change, effective from the Monaco GP weekend, please post your changes on this topic when time permits.

Here is a visual example of the changes you can make ...

1 team and 1 driver change

Please post your changes on the RFM forum (F1 Dream Team 2019 - News/Updates) or email me via the Group Picks web page, thank you!

29 April f1-icon Hot or Drop? ...

Barcelona - Classic F1

So, did the Azerbaijan GP deliver this past weekend?

Are you starting to review which teams and drivers are bringing home the points?? - or - who you are 'pencilling in' on dropping at the first of the 1 Team and 1 Driver change period in the weeks ahead.

Please remember that the first change will take place during the weeks between the Spanish and Monaco GP. You can send along a note of your "final" changes earlier, but the changes will not be put in place until the changing timeline is upon us!

As a refresher to existing players and more importantly, to help the newcomers to the F1 Dream Team in 2019, I have set up this link to help people understand which areas of the website they should be reviewing after a GP race weekend. I hope you find it useful in understanding your gains and loses with your own personal dream team selections to date.


Onto Spain we Go!

15 April f1-icon A Close Look at the Data! ...

Data Chart

Hi Folks! .... I hope everyone enjoyed the Chinese GP yesterday (don't worry, no SPOILERS here, that's for sure!!).

The Leaderboard Stats are now available by visiting the Stats Centre and clicking on the Leaderboard Stats Monitor on the top right of the page. The Stats "should" open up in a new window, which you can close afterwards, returning to the main F1 Dream Team website.

A fair bit of movement on the Leaderboard this time around, but don't panic this early in the season, as it can all change in a heartbeat. I hope you were an "UP" or "Level" ... rather than a "DOWN" this time around?

See you in a couple of weeks time!

1 April f1-icon The Good News & The Bad News! ...

Data Error

Okay, firstly, let's get the 'Bad News' out of the way! Having recently switched to DHL's web data for Fastest Lap information, it appears there was an error on their system after the Australian GP. Hence, I now have to switch points from Max Verstappen to Pierre Gasly. Of course, this naturally causes a bit of a delay in getting things up and running from this past weekend's GP results.

The Good News being, we all enjoyed an action packed race in Bahrain .. and as far as attending to the above error in relation to the F1 Dream Team updates, rest assured, I am ON IT!!!

Enjoy the Chinese GP, when we get there!

11 March f1-icon Everyone in their Seats...

F1 Simulation

We now have a total of twenty six players signed up for the F1 Dream Team, ready to do battle in 2019. It's now only a matter of days until we see the Green Light in Melbourne, so let's hope it's an action packed season opener in Australia!!!!

Well, nothing more to report at this point, so ENJOY next weekend's track action when you get there. As with previous F1 Dream Team seasons, I should have all the website data (Race Points, Player Sheets, Stats and Leaderboard) in place between 24-48hrs after each race. Of course, race updates will be posted on both RFM and GPW forums as and when they happen.

F1 Weekends are 'almost' Here!!

8 March f1-icon The 2019 Team/Driver Submissions are now Closed!

I would like to thank everyone who came forward with their selections for the 2019 campaign, as we now have 24 players signed up, with a potential 2 'reserve' players to take part in the next 48hrs.

Could I please ask everyone to take one final look over their website Profile/Player Sheet details and get in touch as soon as possible, should there be any errors/typos which need addressed (see 'Player Sheets' page on website).

I will now be finalising/streamlining coding behind the scenes and preparing all the data prior to the Green Light in Melbourne on March 17th, so if you don't here from me before then, I hope everyone enjoys the season opener in Australia.

Note: I encourage players to regularly check into this F1 Dream Team Home Page, as important news/updates will appear on this page. Otherwise, in traditional fashion, updates to the website pages will be posted on both RFM & GPW, 24-48 hours after each race.

Finally, I would also like to mention the 6 players who are joining us from the GP Wizard F1 forum in 2019. Much respect to them for participating in our little bit of competitive fun!

20 February f1-icon Important Selection Information

Hi folks! .... just wanted to remind everyone of a couple of important points, connected to your Team/Driver selection process.

The first thing to keep in mind, is that when you choose a Driver as part of your selections, you are investing in the car. So, for instance, say you choose a driver who is dropped during the season, you would then continue to acquire points from the new driver who steps into that car. Likewise, say you choose a driver who changes teams during the season, in that case, you would NOT continue to receive points from that driver's results, but the replacement driver who lands in that car seat.

The other option I would like to remind players about, is submitting their PDF Entry Form. Most players are happy to share their choices via posting in the appropriate forum topic (depending on which f1 community you are involved in). The main reasoning behind offering the PDF route, is to allow players to submit 'anonymous' selections, which are only released on 8th March, 2019. So, if you are submitting your selections via the PDF Entry Form route and would like to withhold your player sheet from public viewing until 8th March, 2019, please let me know at the time of submission, thank you!

Enjoy the ongoing Pre-Season Testing!

18 February f1-icon Team/Driver Selections - Now Open!!

Well, here we are, it's finally time for Pre-Season Testing, which means, it's also time for you to submit your Team/Driver selections for the 2019 campaign (18th February > 8th March).

More so, for newcomers to the F1 Dream Team, I would like to remind you, that you can review your options by visiting the "Group Picks" page on the website. From there, you will learn everything you need to do, by reading the Q&A information at the bottom of the page.

Please make note of the timelines involved, as well as methods of posting/emailing your Entry Form details - and as always, if you have questions, I welcome you getting in touch, where I will clear up any queries you may have. I hope to fit everyone in this season, but please be aware, it's now a "first come, first serve" basis, regardless of the order of previous "Count Me In" posts on the forums.

Happy Pickin'

11 February f1-icon Provisionally Booking Your Slot

I would like to thank everyone who confirmed interest with their "Count Me In" forum posts, connected to entering the F1 Dream Team 2019, I really appreciate it. I will be looking to "OPEN" the selection process on Monday, 18th February 2019. Whether you have a firm idea of your choices at this point, or would prefer to wait until after pre-season testing, it's entirely up to you. You will be able to make your finalised Dream Team choices between 18th February > 8th March, 2019 (9th > 11th March for 'Reserved' Players).

Pre-Season Testing Timelines:

• Test 1 - February 18 to February 21 - Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Spain
• Test 2 - February 26 to March 1 - Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Spain

I am pleased to announce that 4-5 players will be joining us from an external F1 community forum, so let's welcome them and hope they also enjoy the F1 Dream Team as much as we do!

Catch up Soon!

8 February f1-icon The 5-7-9 Seasonal Selections

I would like to introduce what I am referring to as the "5-7-9" system in 2019. Basically, you will now be able to change 1 Team & 1 Driver at two intervals during the 2019 Campaign. The first change will take place between the Spanish and Monaco GP. The second change will occur between the Hungarian and Belgian GP race weekends. Any player who does not submit their changes before the Monaco Qualifying and Belgian Qualifying, will remain with their original Dream Team selections. This information is also available on the "Group Picks" area of the 2019 website.

Happy Decision Making!

6 February f1-icon Welcome to the F1 Dream Team 2019!

In a similar fashion to last season, please review the details below, which will help you navigate around the website. I am currently re-designing the website with all the latest F1 Team/Driver line ups and slightly updating the look of some of the page graphics/backdrops etc. Please visit this link regularly, to ensure staying on top of the latest news regarding the F1 Dream Team.

  • "TEAMS" and "DRIVERS" buttons will simply display a list of the Drivers and Teams involved in 2019 Formula One season.
  • "RACE CALENDAR" link will display the race locations and dates for the 2019 season.
  • "GROUP PICKS" will provide info on the Dream Team Group Picks (Teams & Drivers divided into various groups, where players can select their choices).
  • "PLAYERS SHEETS" will display each players points totals (displaying points from every race and every team/driver pick the player has chosen.
  • "LEADERBOARD" will show the 'overall' players points - you could call it the "Driver's Championship Table".
  • "ANNOUNCEMENTS" is available to periodically show important updates and general news, regarding the Dream Team developments.
  • "VIDEO BOX" provides a small collection of F1 related YouTube video clips.

More updates coming soon!

Driver Photos - Permission & Credit: PitPass.com

Lewis Hamilton 2019
Sebastian Vettel 2019