Wild Horses in Osoyoos

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Wild Horses in Osoyoos

Post by Moops » Fri Jul 30, 2021 6:16 pm

I came across a post on a Facebook group regarding the wild horses that roam the Osoyoos Indian Band land. The person, although perhaps well intentioned, was wanting to find the horses to arrange food and water during the fires. I read some of the knowledgeable responses & thought maybe sharing their comments could enlighten others too. Many thanks to Dora & Caley for allowing me to share their comments here!

Here are some excerpts from the conversation:

Caley Lynn Howard
*** Please be understanding there will be more to come. Horses are going to be looking for food most will be wild some can be aggressively looking for water and food for their families (herds) please allow them to graze safely and understand we will deal with them accordingly. Some horses may be friendly but i do not advise feeding them from hands even if friendly and leave them be. All their grazing land is now burnt and what is left is not ideal at this time of year for them to graze. Wild stallions will fight for herd grazing rights to new areas that they will explore, please be vigilante and aware. If any are in fenced areas trapped please photo and send to myself Dora James-Stelkia Jessi Wyatt Cambie Gulick Ami Doyon Brianna Stelkia-James and we will be able to send help. Thank you all for your support

ADMIN NOTE: Since the context of this post was made on Facebook, the names don't apply here on A-OK. If you see a horse in distress, please contact the Osoyoos Indian Band.

***Its also important to understand that horses here are used to foraging. They are not suitable to eat alfalfa hay or any good quality hay. Our horses will die if they eat rich food. Please remember, if they intrude in town or around home, DO NOT feed them. If possible call upon of of us and we will deal with them. We don't want anyone thinking they are helping them bcuz they will not be - we cannot save wild horses from colic.... so please just call someone or make a post and someone will see it. Thank you again.

Dora James-Stelkia
*** The Indian Band border is right there and some fences had to be cut due to accessing fires. Black Sage Road goes through the band land, so there are always horses on the road. Leave the horses alone -they know exactly where to go to water and do not feed them!! You can cause colic which will cause pain and even death! If food is needed, an official call out will be made and only specific hay can be given as some are way too rich for the horses (they can colic as well).

*** Some fences fall down, get cut or have trees fall on them, as well. Once they find a way through, they keep using the same path. There is still lots of food in that area.

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