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About My Services

Presentations & Social Media Custom Design

square bulletNow becoming my primary focus in Web Development, I create various web presentations, including themes such as Celebration of Life, Real Estate and many other client requested themed graphic/video clips. Whether a business promotion movie clip on Social Media, animated graphic banners for general web promotions, graphic web navigation banners/buttons sets etc. If your project only requires a minimal amount of design, it may involve any of these approaches. Please don't hesitate in getting in touch ... as little creations are important too!

Animated Business Media

square bulletCreating Web Promotion Banners, Social Media Material and Graphic/Video Movie Clips for all types of Business Promotion.

Note: To view Full Sized Video, Click Here!

Web Design & Development

square bulletThere are many systems available on the web for building websites these days, but if you are looking for a traditional website, I am a strong believer in "your site, your look!", as every client deserves a 'hand crafted' website design and that's what I always strive to produce. When developing a brand new website, I build from the ground up, using current coding techniques and technology. Essentially, from the very start of any given web project, clients can be guaranteed that my work is manually coded and no pre-designed templates/structures are referenced.

Presentations & Special Events

square bulletCreating Presentation Graphic/Video Movie Clips and Custom Special Events with various themes for all Occassions.

Note: To view Full Sized Video, Click Here!

Good Working Relationship with Clients

square bulletSatisfied clients are the most rewarding part of my job. Competitive costs, explaining procedures and understanding the client's vision, are the main goals on all my web design projects. I always work at the client's pace, as I'm conscious of other commitments they may have, while working together in the development process. Clients are provided with a temporary web link, where they can freely monitor the progress of all 'under development' pages and projects.

Community/Research Forum

square bulletThe "A-OK Forum" was established back in 2005, where potential newcomers could connect with local residents to gain insight about living in the Okanagan Valley. While the forums are not as active as they once were, there is still valuable information to be found from member's contributions throughout the years. Nevertheless, a return to an active community, in some form, would be encouraging.