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Welcome to the 2017 Formula One Dream Team!

6 August f1-icon New Menu Link

Quick update to let everyone know that I have added a "Video Box" link to the top navigation menu. It's basically a small collection of favourite F1 video clips, which I invite Dream Team players to submit their own favourite links from around the web. Please note, I would prefer video clips to be a maximum of 10 minutes running time and avoid official video sources such as Formula1.com, as they will be blocked from external viewing.

If you have video links available, please visit this link to post the details (must be logged into RFM forums): RFM Link

Talk again soon!

1 August f1-icon Summer Break Feedback

Hi folks! ... Now that we have 4 weeks to twiddle our thumbs, I am open to any "realistic" suggestions to enhance the F1 Dream Team. Obviously, it has to be fair and involve everyone taking part and not result in a group of players gaining a clear advantage.

So, I cannot promise anything, but welcome feedback on "spicing things up" ... so please post your suggestions/wishes on the RFM Forum and I will do my best to provide feedback on how achievable each idea may be.

Examples: Extra Driver added to players picks, Fastest Lap points awarded etc.

Enjoy the Summer Break!

18 July f1-icon Long Time, No Speak! :)

Well, we are already half way through the season and there have clearly been significant highs and lows already!!! ... Hope everyone is still enjoying their racing and the F1 Dream Team 2017.

Everything has been "self running" for quite a time now, but being that we have reached the half way point in the season, I thought I would reach for the paint tin and give the Player's Sheets a little update, so I hope it provides a fresh appearance.

One other small coding change includes now having the "Team Names" on the Leaderboard set as clickable links back to the Player Sheets, so I hope that helps people quickly compare points data.

Have a Good One!

17 April f1-icon Hope everyone enjoyed the action in Bahrain this past weekend?

Not much to report this time around, other than the main change which involves the Leaderboard page. It now displays all 21 players and is split into 3 groups of 7. I hope this is easier on the eye and gives everyone a clearer picture of points progress from race to race.

Otherwise, just a few graphical changes/updates around the website, mainly involving the Leaderboard, Player Sheets and Calendar pages. Please remember, that the Calendar has clickable country flag icons after a race weekend is complete. ONLY click on these flag icons, if you wish to display the past results from each venue!

Speak again! ... Cal :)

5 April f1-icon Onto China we go this weekend ahead!

Just a couple of things to update everyone on this time around. First out, we now have "position pointers" on the Leaderboard page, which will show players who have gained places (green arrow), players who have dropped places (red arrow) and players who held their position from previous race (grey arrow).

Secondly, the "headline banner" is now in effect, where NON SPOILER F1 News will appear. In the event of a tiebreaker after the last race of the season, I may introduce a 3 question quiz into this headline banner, but we will revisit that closer to the time.

Catch up soon ... and enjoy the Chinese GP on Sunday!!

25 March f1-icon Well .... I hope everyone enjoyed the Qualifying in Melbourne? ... don't worry, NO SPOILERS!!! here, so that's all I will say on that.

I will soon be adding a "headline banner" to the top of this page, so important current F1 news (nothing related to qualy, results, penalties etc) can be shared with everyone, rather than occasional "lower importance" updates like 'this one'

Enjoy the race tomorrow, then come along to the F1 Dream Team website late Monday/early Tuesday to see how your "teams/drivers" performed in the season opener in Australia!


23 March f1-icon We now have our 21 players and everything is pretty much completed other than occassional updates and small developments.

Hope everyone is set for the opening race in Melbourne ... new season, new cars, new rules, should be a CRACKER. All player sheets and leaderboard details will be updated by no later than Tuesday night, sp look out for those updates on the website, which will typically be 24-48hrs after every race of the season.

Last thing, you can now choose a preferred colour for your profile link on te 'Player Sheets' page. Just click on the banner link at the bottom of the page.

Have a great weekend when you get there!

18 March f1-icon Thank you to everyone who has now submitted their Team/Driver selections for the F1 Dream Team - submitions are now closed!

There are still 4 days for current or new reserves to fill in some empty slots. I would need a fairly quick turnaround, where you would need to submit a Custom Team Name and your Dream Team data by 22nd March at 12:00am (GST). There is a topic on the RFM forum "F1 Dream Team 2017 - Calling 'Reserve' Entrants", so please use this to place your team details.

Finally, can I ask that everyone double checks their team sheets and general data to ensure I have entered all information accurately.

Not long now folks! ... it's almost RACE DAY!!

9 March f1-icon I hope F1 fans are enjoying the Testing in Barcelona ... and learning some vital data on how teams/drivers are performing to date?

Please remember, the deadline for all 'confirmed' entrants to submit their F1 Dream Team selections is 18th March. I will not be "chasing up" anyone, so it's your responsibility to meet this deadline. From 18th > 22nd March, I will then open the door for the "Reserve" entrants to submit their selections, should we fall short of the 20 confirmed entrants a few weeks ago.

Enjoy your week.

20 February f1-icon Well .... we are ALMOST THERE! folks. 5 DAYS TO GO!!! and I will open up the gates. on Saturday 25th, everyone can finally choose their selections. You have 25 days to submit your Team/Driver picks and I will create a dedicated topic on RFM, purely for members to post their selections. Please only post your Teams/Drivers, when you have finalised your options, thank you!

I will be busy with my paint tin, as I assess which cars need a new paint job and which colour schemes only need tweeking ... so that's what's happening on my end for the next week or so.

Happy Hunting come Saturday!

10 February f1-icon A small update for you this week folks. Unfortunately, I am working through a lower back injury, which although occurred just under a week ago, it feels like a lifetime already. However, don't fear ... we are still well within schedule on the F1 Dream Team and with 2 WEEKS TO GO!!! until Team/Driver selections can be made and submitted, it will be good to get things happening and confirm all players taking part.

Speak again soon ... take care!

4 February f1-icon Thanks to everyone who has submitted their "custom team names" to date (15 out of 20), I really appreciate it. We are now sitting at the 3 week mark, until confirmed players can start to select their teams/drivers for the F1 Dream Team. I've mainly been making small adjustments to the website, while also putting early data in place on the Players Sheets (spreadsheets).

As it's hard to say whether the complete 20 players will submit their selections by the deadline of 22nd March, can I ask "reserve players" to think about a "custom team name" and take a look at team/driver selections ... in case you are called to step in when the time comes. The more prepared everyone is, the quicker I can make changes, before we get underway with confirmed entries etc.

All the best for now!

27 January f1-icon It's sad to learn today, that it's now unlikely that the Manor F1 team will be on the grid for the 2017 season, so I guess I have to go make final changes to the Teams/Drivers on all pages affected. This means that there will be a total of 10 teams and obviously 20 drivers in the 2017 Dream Team, so I hope to have all the "Group Picks" in order in the next 24 hours.

We are down to 4 weeks to testing, which as mentioned below, entrants to the Dream Team can pick their selections between 25th February > 22nd March. However, being at the 4 week mark, entrants can now consider a "team name", which will be displayed on both "Player Sheets" and "Leaderboard" pages. So, a team name can be up to a Maximum of 20 characters in length. Please post your preferred team name in the Dream Team forum topic and I will add them as they appear.

I think that covers everything for now, all the best!

20 January f1-icon Hi everyone! ... The main update this week, is a "re-shuffle" on the Group Picks page. As the Team/Driver market for 2017 is finally taking shape, I have re-organised the selection options per row. So, we are now mainly awaiting the outcome of Manor Racing and if they make the grid in Australia, which Drivers will be in the car.

Otherwise, I am still chipping away at little things in the background, while looking forward to testing, so I can have a clear indication of the car colour schemes. It's now 5 weeks tomorrow, until all players can start to think about their Team/Driver selections .. and of course, this included "Reserve" players, should 1 or 2 people drop out of the 20 currently confirmed entries!

14 January f1-icon A quick update for everyone today! ... We have reached 20 entries for the Dream Team. All members still interested in the Dream Team, will now be added to the "Reserve List and If any of the current 20 players fail to submit their picks between 25th February > 22nd March, I will contact reserve players, should slots become available, thank you!

Also, once the decision has been made for Manor Racing, I may need to re-structure the choices on the Team/Driver Picks, so expect that to be finalised in the next week or two!

9 January f1-icon Hi folks! .... Well, that's pretty much 5 out of 6 web pages now in fairly good shape. I am mainly optimising the viewing structure at this point, in the hope that all pages display a stable layout across most devices. So, I'll mainly be working on small elements/tweaks behind the scenes for the next couple of weeks, as the main work will start once it's time for players to pick their teams/drivers. Once that ball starts rolling, I will be dedicating my time to setting up the 'Player Sheets', as this is the most involved part of the project.

5 January f1-icon Finished up dabbling with the Teams & Drivers page (for now) ... and starting to focus on creating icons and spreadsheet design for the Player Sheets. On the website front, I am now concentrating on the Player Sheet web page itself, so you will now see that the button on the Navigation Menu for "Player Sheets" is now active, as I start putting things together. Otherwise, chipping away at background data, this, that ... and the other!

3 January f1-icon HAPPY NEW YEAR! Everyone!!! ... Opened up my web toolbox for 2017, so I am getting back to development work on the Dream Team website. You will see "gentle changes" in the days/weeks ahead, so other menu pages may start to appear in their "beta stages" ... as we steadily move closer to F1 Testing Season. Please feel free to comment on the RFM Forum Topic, as I welcome feedback on structure/layout or any "visual" issues you may experience on any particular device (especially small screen displays). All the best for now folks!

28 December f1-icon Hope everyone is enjoying the festive season so far? ... I found some time to work on the "Race Calendar" page. It's now well underway, with only minor visual/layout changes to be made (mainly testing for small screen device compatibility).

20 December f1-iconGetting to work on the "Teams & Drivers" page. This has since changed and now combines the individual 'Teams' and 'Drivers' pages on the original navigation menu. I have also added a new page called "Race Calendar" ... as you can't have a Formula 1 website without a venue calendar now can you? lol

18 December f1-iconStarted to work on the "Group Picks" page, which explains how players will choose their teams & drivers from each group of options. Ferrari fans will be pleased to see representation as the backdrop to this page, as other pages will involve other teams on the grid!

17 December f1-icon I would like to thank everyone who confirmed their interest on entering the F1 2017 Dream Team, I really appreciate it! ... I am looking to "OPEN" the selection process on 25th February, 2017, by which point, the team/driver market will be confirmed, as testing is about to get underway. So, you will be able to make your Dream Team choices between 25th February > 22nd March, 2017.

Although I will continue with developments in the next few days, I'll return to getting the web side of things set up after the festive season.

16 December f1-icon This is the 'early build' stages for the 2017 F1 Dream Team. You will notice the navigation buttons at the top of the page, which will be used for the various elements to the Dream Team. Although they may be self explanatory, here is a quick rundown of their functions:

  • "TEAMS" and "DRIVERS" buttons will simply display a list of the Drivers and Teams involved in 2017 Formula One season.
  • "RACE CALENDAR" link will display the race locations and dates for the 2017 season.
  • "GROUP PICKS" will provide info on the Dream Team Group Picks (Teams & Drivers divided into various groups, where players can select their choices).
  • "PLAYERS SHEETS" will display each players points totals (displaying points from every race and every team/driver pick the player has chosen.
  • "LEADERBOARD" will show the 'overall' players points - you could call it the "Driver's Championship Table".
  • "ANNOUNCEMENTS" is available to periodically show important updates and general news, regarding the Dream Team developments.